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Pour votre confort et l'organisation de notre équipe, nous vous remercions de réserver votre parcours.


As in most adventure trails, you will be developing here in supervised autonomy. This means that the expert who is supervising you… is yourself. You were perhaps not aware that you had this skill, but once you are on the trail which complies with AFNOR standards, equipped with CE standard equipment, after receiving the 2 training briefs from the Acro’Bath team, you will see that, just as in your everyday life, your common sense and observance of instructions are enough to preserve your safety.

It is your decision to respect the recommendations and remains your entire responsibility.

It is Eric Manotte, a specialist from the Office National des Forêts who is responsible for controlling our forest. Every tree on the trail is assessed and followed up. We then implement our specialist’s recommendations for your safety. Each year we entrust the control of our workshops to Hervé LEPAGE (CIVT). Our specialist validates the design and use of our workshop, and in particular our new innovations, in accordance with current AFNOR standards.


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